DPS923 & MAP523

Mobile App Development for iOS

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DPS923 MAP523 Week 5 Notes

The theme for this week is to get experience with table views in iOS apps.

Monday plan

The professor will guide you through the topic hightlights in the textbook.

Chapter 9: Table Views
Chapter 10: The Data Model
Chapter 11: Navigation Controllers
Chapter 12: Add Item Screen

Wednesday plan

Test 1 is today. More info is below.

Hands-on: Your professor will guide you in an interactive activity.

In the time remaining, work on Assignment 2.

Test 1

Test 1 is today, at the beginning of the timeslot.

As discussed in class a few times, it will cover past content (from the “outlets” Chapter 4 through to Chapter 8), and new content this week (mostly Chapters 9 and 10).

Review the relevant info about tests on the week 3 notes page and on the graded work page.

The test will begin at the start of the class timeslot, at 3:20pm, and its duration will be about 40 minutes. It is worth 12%, which means that you will answer any 12 questions, as each is worth one mark.

After the test, we will have an interactive activity, and there may be time to work on the current assignment.

This week’s Swift focus

Swift optionals, summarized in this document

Learning resources

iOS Apprentice
Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12

Swift documentation