DPS923 & MAP523

Mobile App Development for iOS

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DPS923 MAP523 Week 12 Notes

Nothing new this week. Test 4 is on Monday, in class. Then, your professor will be available to help you work on the final assignment.

Monday plan

The professor may also guide you through the topic hightlights in the textbook.

Test 4 is today, sometime during the timeslot.

It will cover recently-covered content, with these themes:

At the beginning of the class timeslot, we can use up to a half-hour to answer student questions and/or to review content.

The test will begin no later than 3:50pm, and its duration will be about 50 minutes. It is worth 13%, which means that you will answer any questions worth a total of 13 marks. Most questions are worth one mark, and some are worth more.

Preparing for the test

You can rely on your hand-written notes and in-person learning from the past three Monday classes (November 19, November 12, and November 5). In those, you learned much about the design and engineering of an iOS app, and how to use patterns and best practices to get results. And, you learned much about some device/hardware features, and techniques to make apps useful.

Another really good way to prepare is to read and study Assignment 4 and its linked documents and code examples in the course repository. It would also be useful to have made some progress on the assignment.

Wednesday plan

Work on or finish your assignment. The professor will be available to help.