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Mobile App Development for iOS

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DPS923 MAP523 Week 6 Notes

The theme for this week is to get more experience with table views in iOS apps.

Monday plan

(Monday was Thanksgiving day, so there was no class/session.)

Wednesday plan

The professor will guide you through the topic hightlights in the textbook.

Chapter 13: Delegates and Protocols
Chapter 14: Edit Items
Chapter 15: Saving and Loading


The “add item” topic begins on page 253.
Done with a table view.
Table view not used as much as standard view.

Reminder, page 263, that a nav controller is “just” a wrapper around one or more view controllers that all participate in a navigation “chain” or sequence.

Delegate, have seen that before. Protocol too.
Delegate is a code module - typically a view controller - that includes methods that handle events that happen in the delegator.
Protocol is a code module - often provided by the framework / library / kit, but could be defined by you, the programmer - that defines the method-handling events.

Page 279 covers delegate content.

File diff is shown on page 283. Yay.

The delegate procedure, starts on page 287.
Sending data back-and-forth, page 308 onwards.
Refactor / rename, page 314. Nice.

Saving and loading, starts on page 322.


In the time remaining, work on Assignment 2.

This week’s Swift focus

(None this week, as we’re busy with other topics.)

Learning resources

iOS Apprentice
Chapters 13, 14, 15

Swift documentation